Little guide to visit Parma…

 for curious travellers in Parma

A short guide for travellers and tourists along a different itinerary , outside of galleries, art collections and museums though very interesting and  to be seen , in the folds and the corners of a city like Parma


Walking to regain a sense of things inevitably bring us to the old town, attracted by a magnetic force that pushes us to move forward without stopping , and even though the monuments , churches and palaces are always there fixed and unchanging for centuries , change our eyes , silent gaze of the observer and open up new perspectives , new keys to decrypt the beauty of everyday life … the real danger is in get used of the beauty and take it for granted as in a relationship that has lasted for many years…

recommended itinerary

not to be missed:

  • Church of Santa Croce
  • Church SS. Annunziata and the Monastery where lived Padre Lino
  • Il Parco Ducale and his pond
  • Palazzo della Pilotta
  • Teatro Regio
  • Church della Steccata
  • Piazza Garibaldi
  • Il Duomo
  • Il Battistero
  • Abbey of San Giovanni Evangelista
  • Church of San Francesco del Prato
  • La Camera di San Paolo
  • La Cittadella…

To travelleres that came to Parma for the first time I reccomend to subvert the traditional rules of the visit and to explore the city , starting from Piazzale Santa Croce , at the beginning of the historical center from the part of town called l’Oltretorrente, the most “popular ” and “blood” area of the old town .


Defined in dialect language “dedlà da l’aqua” that is the other side of the Parma river that divides the city in two parts, after admiring the austere church of Santa Croce , continue along Via D’ Azeglio ( old via Emilia ) and arrived in front of the  “Annunziata” and its convent go toward left and enjoy il Parco Ducale “il Giardino” and its ancient trees , then come across the Ponte Verdi at the Palazzo della Pilotta ( from the Spanish pelota game ) , which preserves inside the famous Teatro Farnese . To your right after the monument to the Partisan you will see the Teatro Regio and Steccata Church and a little further you will find yourself in the heart of the city: Piazza Garibaldi with the Governor’s Palace and the medieval facade of the Town Hall. Going down to Via Cavour to your right will appear the Battistero and the Cathedral (il Duomo) Romanesque style masterpieces in the omonymous square and behind you will see the Abbey of San Giovanni and his monastery …

A little farther by moving to the left in the direction of borgo delle Colonne you can admire the grandeur of the church of San Francesco al Prato, Gothic building of the XIII century. Unfortunately, the former seat of city jails and now is completely unadorned insidechiesa-san-francesco-del-prato-parma-jpeg… Almost forgot returning toward Piazzale della Pace in via Melloni in the former monastery of San Paolo you should absolutely admire the Camera di San Paolo with the wonderful frescoes paintings by Correggio … If you want to go a bit ‘ street more, worth visiting the park of the Cittadella , inside an old fortress with walls and well-preserved ramparts and restored recently , climb back down the Strada XXII Luglio off Via della Repubblica ( the old Via Emilia ) and terms through an avenue , you will be almost there … to go back toward the old town, goin’ back on your steps and cross again the boulevard … At this point I drop the cloths of Cicerone and leave you alone …

I recommend to close your guides , google maps and so on… and especially to leave the old road for the new … started to walk the little streets at your own pace trying to grasp the details that affect your eyes , one last tip also use the Lungoparmaponte-di mezzo-parma-jpeg that skirts the Parma to move closely with the nature of the bed of the river and easily walk faster , use bridges as landmarks and you will not miss … Remember Parma is crossed by north to south from the eponymous river that divides the city into two parts and from west to east from the Via Emilia … ( Via d’Azeglio , Via Mazzini,  Via della Repubblica … )

and the night falls down…

and now turn off the city ligths… Interruttore

Good shipwreck!!!

“Shipwreck with spectator” by C.Parmiggiani





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